Our Services

IT in the medical practice

 We are an authorised partner for the doctors' information system TurboMed.

In this capacity, we advise medical practices on all questions from "A" as accessibility of data to "Z" as zealous to establish a long-term business relationship, for example by providing service contracts.



 We adapt the choice of offered training topict to the needs of our customers. Training sessions can be held in our office or directly on-site. Currently, our customers are mainly interested in the following topics:

- Basic trainings for working with TurboMed
- Advanced use of TurboMed
- Knowledge to optimize practice routines
- Ways to a paperless practice etc.


Medical technology

 We have been working closely together with the Medset Medizintechnik GmbH in Hamburg for many years.

As partners of this business, we are able to offer solutions for cardio-pulmonary functional diagnostic. This encompasses in detail the following functions: 

- resting-ECG,
- stress test ECG,
- holter ECG

in the area of functional diagnostics for cardiology as well as

- ambulatory blood pressure measurement and
- spirometry.

All mentioned functions can be integrated modularly into PADSY (patient diagnosis system) as single user interface for management and diagnosing.
Due to the use of modern Java-technology, this solution is especially flexible and reliable. We can thus utilise the mentioned functions both in small one- and multi-user systems and in bigger, partially even in multi-site network systems.


Dictation management and speech recognition

 Speech recognition has long since ceased to be solely for tinkerers or especially patient PC-users, it has, especially in the field of medicine,  developed into an indispensable feature for communicating quickly and efficiently in writing.

Together with our partner, dictit Medical Dictation Systems e. K., we offer stationary as well as mobile speech recognition and dictation management solutions.

Many of our customers also profit from the option to integrate the speech recognition seamlessly into TurboMed.